What Were Young People Theatre Best Events In 2020?


 Young People Theatre
Young People Theatre

Youth Opportunities

Young people theatre has always been a platform for young minds to showcase their creativity, explore their imagination and share their talents. As 2020 rolls in, various events for young people’s theatre have been arranged across the world. These events cater to different audiences and age groups and provide a platform for aspiring young artists to showcase their talents. In this essay, we will discuss the five best young people theatre events in 2020.

Junior Theater Festival

The first event is the annual ‘Junior Theater Festival’ held in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a celebration of theatre for young people where schools from around the world come together to present musical performances. Students ranging from elementary to high school levels showcase their talents in front of industry professionals and peers. This event offers students a platform to express themselves, share their love for theatre and hone their talents.

Youth American Grand Prix

The second event is the ‘Youth American Grand Prix.’ This event is a dance competition for young dancers with the opportunity to gain experience, meet other young dancers and showcase their skills. It is an international competition that attracts over 12,000 dancers worldwide. The Youth American Grand Prix not only provides a platform for young dancers to showcase their skills but also offers educational opportunities and scholarships.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The third event is the ‘Edinburgh Fringe Festival.’ This is the world’s largest youth arts festival that offers a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talents in front of an international audience. The event boasts over 200 performers presenting over 800 shows. It offers a mix of musicals, theatre, dance, and comedy. This festival not only offers a platform for young artists to showcase their talents but also offers a networking opportunity that could lead to future collaborations.

International Youth Arts Festival

The fourth event is the ‘International Youth Arts Festival’ held in Kingston, London. It is the largest youth arts festival in the United Kingdom, offering a platform for young artists to showcase their talents in the heart of London. The event caters to a diverse range of art forms, and the program includes Theatre, Music, Dance, Comedy, and Film. The International Youth Arts Festival offers aspiring young artists a chance to perform on stage, gain exposure, and meet industry professionals.

Singapore International Festival of Arts for Young Audiences

The final event is the ‘Singapore International Festival of Arts for Young Audiences.’ This festival is dedicated entirely to young audiences and offers a range of performances and workshops for young people. The festival curates an exciting mix of theatre, music, and visual arts performances, and the program caters to various age groups. The Singapore International Festival of Arts for Young Audiences offers young people new forms of artistic expression to explore and enjoy.

 Young People Theatre
Young People Theatre

Young People Theatre Best Events in Africa

Youth Theatre is one of the most important and innovative fields of contemporary African theater. In recent years, Youth Theatre has emerged as one of the best performing arts events in Africa. The events attract large audiences of all age-groups, and few leave the performances without having been moved, inspired, and entertained. The best Young People Theatre events in Africa showcase the diverse cultural heritage and artistic talents of young Africans, challenging the status quo, and stimulating social and political conversations.

The National Youth Theatre Festival in Zimbabwe

One of the most popular Youth People Theatre events in Africa is the National Youth Theatre Festival in Zimbabwe. The festival creates a platform for young Zimbabwean writers, actors, and directors to showcase their artistic talents and provoke social and political conversations. The festival gathers young people from all over the country to share ideas, learn from each other, and enrich their creativity. Its performances mirror different aspects of Zimbabwean life, including the current political and social crisis, and tackle issues like corruption, poverty, gender-based violence, and human rights violations.

The Market Theatre’s Youth Arts Festival

Another Youth Theatre event that has gained popularity in Africa is the Market Theatre’s Youth Arts Festival in South Africa. The festival invites young people from different provinces of South Africa to participate in a month-long program of theater workshops, training, and performances. The program aims at promoting a strong sense of youth identity, culture, and freedom of expression. The festival encourages young people to challenge societal norms and create art that speaks to them and their communities. The festival also presents traditional African folklore and celebrates South Africa’s diverse cultural heritage as a way of fostering young people’s appreciation of their roots and identity.

The Lagos Theatre Festival

The Lagos Theatre Festival is also another upcoming and promising Youth Theatre event in Africa. The festival, which is in its sixth year now, showcases emerging and established theater-makers from Nigeria and beyond. The festival brings together artists, art lovers, and theater enthusiasts in Lagos to celebrate the art of storytelling and contemporary African theater. The festival uses different venues, ranging from traditional theaters to unconventional spaces like rooftops, carparks, and barbershops, making it one of the most vibrant Youth Theatre events in Africa.

The Kampala International Theatre Festival

The Kampala International Theatre Festival is another Young People Theatre event that has continued to attract audiences from all over Africa and beyond. The festival, which is sponsored by the British Council, showcases a diverse range of performances, including theater, dance, and music. The festival focuses on promoting young African talent and creating a dialogue between various cultures, generations, and communities through the performing arts. The festival has also attracted international performers, making it one of the most prestigious and diverse Young People Theatre events in Africa.

Youth Theatre events in Africa are an excellent representation of the innovative and diverse talent of young people in Africa. The events provide a platform to challenge societal norms, encourage conversations, and promote social activism. The best Young People Theatre events in Africa bring together a diverse range of cultures, languages, and communities to celebrate African heritage, encourage youthful creativity, and create connections across borders.

 Young People Theatre
Young People Theatre

What Activities Do Youth Prefer During Holidays?

During holidays, youth often have ample time to engage in various activities that they find enjoyable and rewarding. These activities not only provide entertainment but also contribute to their personal growth and development. This essay aims to explore the activities that youth prefer during holidays, highlighting their significance and benefits.

Physical Activities

Many young people find pleasure in engaging in physical activities during their holidays. Outdoor sports such as soccer, basketball, and swimming allow them to have fun while staying active. These activities enhance physical fitness, improve coordination, and encourage teamwork. Additionally, youth can participate in hiking or cycling, allowing them to explore new places and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Creative Pursuits

Numerous youths express their creativity by engaging in artistic activities during holidays. Painting, drawing, or sculpting allows them to express themselves and unleash their imagination. Similarly, dancing, singing, or playing a musical instrument offer a chance to immerse themselves in the world of art and self-expression.

Educational Endeavors

Many youth have a thirst for knowledge and utilize their holidays to engage in educational activities. This may involve attending summer schools, enrolling in academic classes, or participating in workshops that allow them to learn new skills or interests. Reading books, writing stories, or solving puzzles are also popular educational pursuits that help to enhance language and critical thinking abilities.


A growing number of youth find fulfillment in contributing to the community during their holidays. Volunteering at local organizations, participating in charity events, or assisting in community clean-ups allows them to make a positive impact and develop empathy and compassion. Engaging in such activities also enhances their social skills and broadens their perspectives on various social issues.

Travel and Exploration

For many youths, holidays offer an ideal opportunity to broaden their horizons through travel and exploration. Discovering new places, experiencing different cultures, and meeting people from diverse backgrounds facilitate personal growth and development. These experiences foster independence, adaptability, and tolerance, while also providing a break from the monotony of everyday life.

Socializing and Spending Time with Friends

Holidays are also a time when youths prioritize strengthening their social bonds. Spending time with friends, organizing gatherings, or participating in group activities like picnics or barbecues helps build strong friendships and provides a sense of belonging. Such interactions promote healthy communication, teamwork, and create lasting memories.

Entertainment Media

In today’s digital age, many youth engage in activities that involve entertainment media during their holidays. This includes watching movies, playing video games, or exploring social media platforms. While too much screen time can be detrimental, these activities can also offer recreational benefits by providing an avenue for relaxation, escapism, and fostering creativity in some instances.

Personal Development and Self-Reflection

Some youth dedicate their holidays to personal development and self-reflection. Engaging in activities such as journaling, meditation, or practicing mindfulness allows them to gain insight into themselves and their aspirations. Setting goals, planning for the future, or pursuing self-improvement courses develop a sense of purpose and direction in their lives.

Quality Time with Family

Holidays provide an opportunity for youth to reconnect and spend quality time with their family members. Engaging in activities like cooking, playing board games, or having conversations strengthens family bonds and creates a sense of unity. These interactions foster love, respect, and understanding towards family members, ensuring positive relationships in the long run.

Rest and Relaxation

Lastly, many young people recognize the importance of rest and relaxation during their holidays. After the stresses of academic commitments, unwinding through activities like sleeping in, taking long walks, or simply having leisure time can be rejuvenating. Rest allows youth to recharge their batteries, balance their mental well-being, and return to regular routines feeling energized and motivated.

Youth often embrace holidays as an opportunity for personal growth, self-expression, and recreation through a wide range of activities. Engaging in physical, creative, educational, volunteering, travel, social, or personal development pursuits, they are able to enrich their lives and create a well-rounded experience. Moreover, by balancing various activities, young people can make the most of their holidays while preparing themselves for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Conclusion on Young People Theatre

In conclusion, youth theatre events in 2020 offer a diverse range of opportunities for young artists, from dance competitions to theater showcases, from London to Singapore. These events help to build a platform for young artists to showcase their talents and provide them with opportunities to network and collaborate with industry professionals. These events not only foster creativity but also help to lay the foundation for a successful career in the arts.