Worst Refugees Welcome Protest and Petition in 2017?


Worst Refugees Welcome Protest and Petition in 2017?
Worst Refugees Welcome Protest and Petition in 2017?

Characteristics of Refugees

Refugees welcome; The world is witnessing a huge crisis of refugees, who have been forced to flee their homes due to war, persecution, or other forms of violence. In 2017, many countries have been struggling to cope with this crisis, and the number of refugees has been increasing rapidly. While several countries have been welcoming the refugees with open arms, the situation has not been the same everywhere. Recently, a number of refugee welcome protests and petitions have been recorded, some of which were the worst. This article discusses the worst refugees welcome protest and petition in 2017.

America’s welcome

One of the worst refugee welcome protests in 2017 was recorded in the United States when President Trump issued an executive order that blocked citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for 90 days. This decision provoked calls for demonstrations, and thousands of people gathered at airports across the country to protest the move. They also displayed signs with various slogans, including “No Ban, No Wall!” and “Refugees Welcome.” The protests turned out to be successful with courts blocking the implementation of the travel ban.

Brussel’s welcome

Another worst refugee welcome protest was recorded in Brussels, where a group of citizens tried to forcibly remove a group of refugees from a public park. The refugees had been living in the park for months, after being forced to leave their homes due to war and violence in their home countries. The citizens claimed that the refugees were creating a disturbance and destroying the park, but the refugees argued that they had nowhere else to go. The confrontation between the citizens and the refugees continued for several hours, and the police had to be called in to restore order.

Refugees welcome
Refugees welcome

UK’s Refugees Welcome

In the UK, a petition was launched calling for the government to stop accepting refugees altogether. The petition was created on a government website, and it managed to get over 100,000 signatures in just a few days. The creators of the petition argued that accepting refugees posed a threat to national security, and that the UK could not afford to take in more refugees due to the financial burden it would place on the government. However, the government rejected the petition and reaffirmed its commitment to accepting refugees.

Similarly, in Australia, several refugees were forcibly removed from the Manus Island Detention Center, as the center was being shut down. The refugees were protesting against the closure, as they feared that they would be sent back to their home countries, where they would face persecution and violence. The police used force to remove the protesters, and several refugees were injured in the process. The closure of the center has raised concerns about the fate of the refugees and their future.

Refugees welcome in Africa

The issue of refugees is a sensitive one, especially in Africa where the continent has been plagued with conflicts and wars, forcing many to flee their homes. However, some refugees have been met with hostility and rejection, leading to protests and petitions against their arrival. One contentious case was the 2019 protest and petition against refugees in South Africa.

The protest was initiated by a xenophobic group that claimed that refugees in the county were a threat to the local population. The group accused refugees of taking their jobs, congesting the country, and posing a security threat. The protest was met with strong condemnation from human rights groups and government officials who urged South Africans to embrace refugees and support their integration into the society. The petition was also criticized as discriminatory and in violation of refugees’ rights, who fled their countries seeking safety and protection.

The protest and petition in South Africa were a sad reflection of the continent’s struggle to address the refugee crisis. Instead of showing compassion and empathy to fellow humans in distress, some groups have chosen to discriminate against and reject refugees, further exacerbating their suffering. It is imperative that African governments and civil society groups work together to address the root causes of conflicts and violence, leading to forced displacement, and develop policies and programs that support refugees’ resettlement and integration. Only then can Africa mitigate the worsening refugee crisis and offer hope for a better future.

Conclusion on Refugees welcome

In concluding on refugees welcome, the world is facing a refugee crisis, and the situation is unlikely to improve any time soon. While some countries have been welcoming refugees with open arms, others have been less receptive. The protests and petitions against refugees are a reflection of the growing concerns about the impact of refugees on the economy, security and social fabric of countries. However, the international community should remember that refugees are human beings,

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