Best Paid Ifad Internship Opportunities in 2020


Best Paid Ifad Internship Opportunities in 2020
Best Paid Ifad Internship Opportunities in 2020

IFAD Opportunities

Ifad internship; Internships are an essential aspect of your career journey because they provide practical experience and exposure to your chosen field. As the global economy continues to expand, business organizations are continuously seeking top talent to enhance their operations. One of the most intriguing ways to gain hands-on experience in the agriculture sector is through an internship with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). In 2020, here are some of the best-paid IFAD internships that provide students with an opportunity to gain practical experience in developing countries.

Rural Youth

The first option is the “Rural Youth Service Corps Internship” program, which is available in Sudan, Uganda, Senegal, and other African countries. This opportunity targets individuals looking to gain experience in rural development, and provides a stipend and accommodation opportunities. The interns are expected to engage with local youth, provide training on entrepreneurship, and equip them with skills to create businesses that will uplift their communities.

Agriculture Finance

The second opportunity is the “Agri-Finance Internship” program, which is aimed at students interested in financial management in agriculture. The Interns are placed in countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, and Tajikistan, and provided with onsite training in financial management, risk assessment, and the principles of microfinance. Interns receive a monthly stipend and are given accommodation during the period of the internship.

Communication and Social Media

The “Communications and Social Media Internship” program is another option provided by IFAD. The program targets graduates or students in communication and public relations, who will work as part of the IFAD communication team. The program provides an opportunity to work on IFAD’s social media platforms, enhancing the organization’s visibility and impact. Additionally, Interns will be compensated for their services.

For students seeking work experience in project management or development, the “Monitoring and Evaluation Internship” program is an excellent choice. This program is usually available in multiple countries and focuses on equipping interns with skills in monitoring and evaluation in development projects. IFAD pays interns and provides accommodation during the period of the internship.

Ifad internship
Ifad internship

Climate Change

Finally, the “Environment/Climate Change Internship” program is an excellent opportunity for those interested in environmental and climate change issues. This program is offered in various African countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. The program provides an opportunity to engage in environmental conservation projects, climate change adaptation, and mitigation, and also involves projects focused on sustainable agriculture. IFAD compensates interns and provides on-site accommodation.

Ifad internship Opportunities in Africa

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) offers internship opportunities in Africa to students and young professionals who are interested in rural development and poverty reduction. IFAD works in partnership with African governments and communities to empower smallholder farmers and rural entrepreneurs. The internship program is designed to provide participants with hands-on experience in project management, research, and communication. By working with IFAD and its partners, interns can learn about the challenges facing rural communities in Africa and collaborate on solutions to improve their livelihoods.

Open opportunities

IFAD internships are open to students and graduates who are enrolled in or have recently completed a degree program in a relevant field such as development studies, agriculture, economics, or social sciences. The program offers a range of internship opportunities in different African countries, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, and Senegal. The duration of the internship varies from a few weeks to six months, depending on the assignment and the availability of the intern. Interns are provided with a stipend to cover their living expenses and are responsible for their travel costs and insurance.

Rural development

IFAD internships provide participants with a unique opportunity to gain practical experience in the field of rural development and to contribute to the sustainable development of African communities. In addition to working on IFAD projects, interns have the opportunity to learn from local communities and share their knowledge and expertise with them. The program also offers networking opportunities with professionals in the development sector and exposure to different cultures and languages. IFAD’s internship program is an excellent way for young professionals to launch their career in the development sector and make a positive impact in African communities.


In conclusion, IFAD provides some of the best-paid internships opportunities in 2020 for people interested in the agriculture sector. The opportunities presented are designed to provide practical experience and exposure to different aspects of the field. The internships are structured to equip interns with necessary skills that can be applied in their career journey. The stipends and accommodation provided is an added bonus that enables interns to focus on their work and get the best out of the experience. Applying for one of these opportunities could be the perfect way to boost your career prospects in agriculture

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