How Best Acceptable Is The Dowry System In Your Culture in 2022?


How Best Acceptable Is The Dowry System In Your Culture in 2022?
How Best Acceptable Is The Dowry System In Your Culture in 2022?

The dowry system is a practice that has been in existence for centuries in many cultures around the world. It involves the exchange of gifts, money or property from the bride’s family to the groom or his family as a condition of marriage. In some cultures, this practice has been normalized and is widely accepted as an acceptable part of the marriage arrangement. However, in recent times, the practice has been criticized and condemned as exploitative, outdated and discriminatory. In this essay, I will discuss how best we can accept the dowry system in our culture in 2020.

Every people in the world have a culture. This culture defines the people in all they do. What they do is good to them and yet it might appear not pleasing to others. When one decides to scrutinize people’s culture it becomes difficulty to come up with a single answer of right or wrong. It is at that point that ethics which deals with universal rightness and wrongness could be of great help, however, now we continue discussing the dowry- system.

dowry system
dowry system

One way of making the dowries system acceptable in our culture is by making it fair and voluntary. This would require that both parties agree to the terms of the transaction, and the bride’s family is not forced to give more than they can afford. Government and religious institutions can play a crucial role in regulating the dowries system to ensure it does not turn exploitative. For instance, some countries have laws that regulate the amount of dowry paid to the groom’s family to prevent excesses.

Education on dowry

Another way to make the dowries system acceptable in our culture is by changing people’s attitudes towards it. Education and awareness campaigns can be launched to educate people about the negative effects of dowry on women, families, and the society at large. People should be enlightened on the importance of gender equality, and how the dowry system perpetuates gender inequalities. Education can go a long way in changing people’s beliefs, attitudes and practices around the dowries system.

Advocacy on dowry

To move forward, it is important to promote education and awareness. Governments, NGOs, and civil society must come together and work towards creating awareness campaigns, laws to protect women, and countermeasures to end the dowry- system. It is only through transforming mindsets and creating platforms for dialogue that we can create a world where such inequalities cease to exist.

Opinion on dowry

In some cultures, the dowries system is seen as an outdated practice that continues to harm women in many cultures. While it is a tradition in some communities, it is essential to change the perception of such a system to promote and sustain gender equality. Education, awareness, and advocacy are essential to promoting positive change in attitudes towards women, leading to the removal of the dowries system.

Finally, we can make the dowry-system acceptable in our culture by promoting alternative ways of marriage. For instance, couples can choose to enter into marriages without the exchange of gifts, money or property. This would shift the focus from exchange to the union of hearts and minds. The government can also put in place policies that promote the idea of giving gifts as a gesture of goodwill instead of a mandatory requirement.

Conclusion on Dowry system

In conclusion, the dowries system is a practice that has been part of our culture for centuries, and it cannot be ignored. Instead, we should work towards creating a fair and voluntary dowries system, changing people’s negative attitudes towards it, and promoting alternative ways of marriage that do not involve the exchange of gifts or property. Through these measures, we can make the dowry system acceptable in our culture in 2020 and beyond.

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